Remedies for a Sore Throat

At the start of winter each year, I get a sore throat and a stuffy nose. And these usually drag a headache along with them. I am not a supporter of popping pills for every little ache and pain though, so I usually weather through it and let my body do what it’s made to do. Of course, the food we fuel our bodies with can help (or hurt) in your recovery. Below are my favorite anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial remedies that I use when I feel a scratchy throat coming on, plus my favorite ways to incorporate them.


Hot tea is by far my favorite way to use these ingredients as remedies (minus the onion because who the heck drinks onion tea). Nettle and butterbur are two really cool herbs; nettle being a natural anti-histamine (which helps with allergies) and butterbur being a natural anti-inflammatory.

Chamomile tea + ginger + lemon + honey
Cumin seed tea + turmeric + honey
Nettle tea + turmeric + honey + lemon
Butterbur tea + honey + lemon
Early grey tea + honey
Ginger tea + honey + lemon

If you really want to get crazy (and I have done this before), try gargling onion juice. You do not need to swallow it, but  the anti-microbial properties of onions can be soothing even in situations such as tonsillitis.

If the problem persists or you are concerned about an infection,
it is important to seek help from a medical professional.

“No illness which can be treated by the diet should be treated by other means.”
– Moses Maimonides

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  1. loveandscrubs says:

    I wish I found this 2 days ago when I was having a bad sore throat! 😀


    1. Nicolet says:

      Hehe now you have the info for future reference! ❤


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