1. Tiffany

    I LOVE this, and agree with it 110%! Using nutrition as medicine is an aspect that everyone needs to grasp hold of. Great post!

  2. Jay

    It’s so funny everytime I have a headache my mom says to drink water. I always thought she was crazy but I drink now and most of my headaches go away now shhh don’t tell mom

  3. I’ve run the gamut. I know how much better I feel when I eat well. But eating junk makes me feel like junk. You’d think I’d keep that in mind when I am making my choices, but too often I choose the wrong thing.

    • We all have trouble making the right choices sometimes, but the fact that you are aware of that and actively working to be better is what matters! <3

  4. livanies86

    I totally agree with you!!! Great post! I can see that my body is reacting on the way I´m eating! And also my soul 🙂

    • Yes, I agree! Of course, there are circumstances where medication is needed. But most of our money is going towards drugs for Type II Diabetes and obesity! Those are most definitely preventable diseases.

  5. Thats actually pretty interesting to think about, I agree most people opt out and take medication. I think using nutrition is a good idea because food provides the energy for the body.

  6. This is interesting. I just watched a Netflix documentary called What the Health talking about how what we put in our bodies are directly related to illnesses and condtions.

  7. I’m glad to have read your article because it validates my practice of not taking medicine right away when I don’t feel well. I usually rest first or eat and drink plenty of water.

  8. Elizabeth O

    I’m surprised that dome people respond the way you described. It’s common sense thst our diet, our nutritional history, can have a huge impact on our lives. Aside from nurturing the body, food offers healing properties to help us along the way.

  9. I agree with this so much. Food is everything when it comes to our health and it affects our body greatly. I think it’s better to rely on food than medication on most cases unless we really need that extra help from meds!

  10. I agree that it is better to focus on eating well instead of just taking drugs to fix a problem that you created because you didn’t eat well in the first place.

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