• Yes, it is definitely NOT easy! But if you become aware of the fact that your subconscious is changing the way you act, or on the decisions you are making, then you can work to realign your goals with your thoughts <3

  1. thehouseturnedhome

    I agree fully with this post. So much good can come of our lives if we focus on the good in our lives. I’ve learned that I can every thing that I want and still be miserable if I have the wrong frame of mind. This is a good reminder to think positively.

  2. Kristy C

    Your article is inspirational and speaks the truth. The power of positivity starts with our own thoughts. As a licensed therapist one of the reasons I love cognitive behavioral therapy is because it shows how our thoughts feelings and actions are all connected.

  3. rosannaalicia

    Love this post & completely agree! It’s really quite disheartening that so many people’s default reaction to big dreams are so negative and patronising – good on you for sticking with yours! Rx

  4. Claudia Krusch

    I am going to paint Magic is believing in yourself on a canvas and hang it in my bedroom. It is a very powerful message. This is such a fantastic post.

  5. People who say that to you have likely lost their passion. Just because that happened to them, it does’t mean it will happen to you. You are so right that our mental state does wonders for everything in life!

  6. livanies86

    I totally agree with you! Always focus on the good things in your live, even if it´s not always easy

  7. confettiandbliss

    I love this post! Magic IS believing in yourself. Changing or modifying your surroundings to being a place of beauty and positivity is so life changing – that PLUS having a wonderfully positive mindset. It’s healing, it’s uplifting, and it’s magical!

  8. Totally agree it can be hard, but follow your instincts, do not listen anyone and if you dream big you will do it, all the best nice article.

  9. Michelle Paige

    It’s so great that you didn’t let anyone talk you out of doing what you love. And I definitely agree that it all starts with the way you think.

  10. I too was contradicted by people I’ve met, one that stood out the most is a professor. She shared that I had no talent in writing and can never succeed. I considered quitting school because of what she said, but thought otherwise. I may not have pursued a career in journalism but I have a blog running for two years now. 🙂

  11. Elizabeth O

    Growing up, one key advice I got that has stayed with me is to keep your dreams close to your heart. Not all dreams need to be shared. Hold your dearest dreams closest and let them bloom.

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